Affordable Video Otoscopy

Affordable Video Otoscopy

2014 End of Tax Year OtoPet Equipment Tax Credit Special!
Up to 28.8% discount!

For every $500 spent on OtoPet (formerly MedRx) equipment,
Receive $94 in FREE* DermaZoo products! (Split case includes: 3 GlycoZoo shampoos, 3 GlycoZoo Sprays, 3 GlycoZoo Wipes, and 3 GlycoZoo Otics (one 16oz, two 4oz).

Receive 28.8% discount on every $1000 of equipment purchased.*
28.8% includes $100 in Free* DermaZoo products of YOUR CHOICE, PLUS two $94 split cases.

*Rewards applied to purchases of new or refurbished OtoPet equipment only, 
not repairs. Promotion valid for U.S. Veterinarians only. Specials valid
 September 15, 2014 through December 31, 2014.

G3 Camera Probe