Murray Animal Hospital, Murray, Kentucky

A middle-age, male Great Dane presented to Murray Animal Hospital with sanguineous nasal discharge for several weeks duration.

The dog was sedated and the vetscope probe was placed into both the right and left nasal passages. The vetscope probe enabled them to visualize several polyps in both of the nasal passages. The polyps were visualized on the monitor, and pictures were printed for the record and for the owners. Then a videoscope-guided biopsy was obtained using forceps that were attached to the vetscope probe. The biopsy was sent to the laboratory. The biopsy results came back as nasal Aspergillosis, a treatable fungal infection.

The Aspergillosis was treated with the oral antifungal, Itraconazole, for 1 month beyond last detection of the infection as evidenced by lack of nasal discharge and a re-check exam with sedation and normal nasal passages as visualized with the vestcope probe. The dog is now doing very well.

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