A 10 year-old FS DSH presented for chronic sneezing and nasal discharge. The owner reported that she had been placed on antibiotics several times in the past with some improvement but no resolution of clinical signs.

On physical examination, she had bilateral mucopurulent nasal discharge, moderate dental disease and referred upper respiratory noise on auscultation of her lungs.

Diagnostics offered to the owner included blood work, nasal radiographs, rhinoscopy +/- biopsy and culture if indicated. A dental was also recommended. The owner elected to start with blood work, and a dental with nasal radiographs. The blood work revealed a leukocytosis. The remainder of the blood work was within normal limits, including a negative FIV/FeLV.  The nasal radiographs were performed under general anesthesia at the same time as the dental. The radiographs revealed a mild increased density of both nasal passages.

Oral Zithromax® (Azithromycin), Chlorpheniramine and Cerenia® (Maropitant citrate) tablets were dispensed for a total of 3 weeks. The doses were as follows:  Chlorpheniramine 2 mg PO BID; Cerenia for 5 days initially then twice weekly; Zithromax 20 mg PO once daily. Cerenia works to reduce nasal discharge and itchiness from infection, and also works well with antihistamines as they potentiate each other.

Hypertonic saline and neopolydex ophthalmic drops were also dispensed to be applied to the nasal passages twice daily for 3 weeks. DermaFlush Premixed Saline Packets were used to make the hypertonic saline nasal drops by simply adding 2 of the premixed saline packets to 1 Liter of water. The hypertonic saline was then placed in a dropper bottle and instructions were to instill several drops to both nasal passages twice daily prior to application of the neopolydex ophthalmic drops. Hypertonic saline works to help reduce edema and flush out debris.

DermaFlush Saline Packets are an economic and convenient form of saline when added to water. The saline is soothing, preservative and iodine free, and may be made into an isotonic or hypertonic saline.

The patient returned for a re-check after 3 weeks and her sneezing and nasal discharge had resolved. She was sent home on an L-lysine supplement and was told to call or return for a re-check if the discharge and/or sneezing recur.