The VetScope Advantage: Diagnostics • Procedures • Treatment • Client Counseling

The OtoPet-USA Vetscope System is your complete video visualization treatment center. Our equipment improves your view and enables diagnosis and treatment of the ears, eyes, nose, throat, vaginal, anal and other body orifices.

Your clients will be impressed with an immediate explanation of clinical findings.  VetScope-generated images can show clients the disease process before and after as well as positive responses to therapy over time. Video images can be frozen on the monitor for discussion with the client, printed for their reference, or saved. Digital storage makes case documentation, both video and image, simple and fast.

The VetScope System performs multiple diagnostic and procedural applications including Biopsies, Dental Exams, Dermatology, Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, Ophthalmology, Tracheoscopy, Otoscopy, Rectal Exams, vaginaloscopy and more.


Starter: Absolute minimum, just what is needed to see an image on a screen the clinic provides
Basic: Everything you need to see an image plus a curette and biopsy tool
Intermediate: Basic plus computer, software, and Earigator
Full: Intermediate plus cart, printer and instrument tray

The OtoPet Veterinary Otoendoscope is ideal for diagnostics, biopsy, irrigation, suction and foreign body retrieval. Now longer and tapered for those hard to reach areas.

The OtoPet-USA Earigator is the most powerful ear cleaning system in today’s veterinary market. This unique device works standalone for precise suction and irrigation. No other equipment is necessary. Separate controls provide flexibility for suction, irrigation and air pump.