The Otoscope Probe

The OtoPet veterinary otoscope is ideal for diagnostics, biopsy, irrigation, suction and foreign body retrieval. Now longer and tapered for those hard to reach areas.


Key Features:
– High-grade lens elements provide 30X magnification
– Anti-reflective coatings
– Epoxy sealed, can use with most surgical disinfectants
– 60-degree field of view
– High-resolution color camera
– Infinite depth of field
– 102 gram total weight, balanced design
– 6 3/16” total length, 5.5 mm end diameter
– Tapered conical stainless steel probe for durability
– Fiberoptic light fibers provide up to 100W illumination
– 2 mm working channel accepts most 1.8 mm endoscopic instruments, 5 FR catheters
– Luer Lock fitting on the working channel

– Biopsy Tool
– Stainless Curette
– Cleaning Brush
– Speculum

Available Options:
– Convenient Carrying Case
– Medical Grade Cart
– Printer
– Earigator (Suction/Irrigation System)
– Endoscope coupler