EarigatorThe Earigator may be used in other ways besides flushing ears. If presented with a bite wound that needs to be flushed under pressure, the Earigator may be used along with DermaFlush(™) Premixed Saline Packets. DermaFlush is a saline crystal packet that when added to water creates a saline solution which can be used anywhere a saline flush may be beneficial, including ears, sinuses, wounds and external surgery. DermaFlush will be available in October 2013.

Prior to using the  Earigator to flush a wound, clean and flush the unit and the tubing with a mild bleach solution and water. Then cut the tip off the catheter tipped end of a 10 – 12 Fr red rubber feeding tube to fit the trumpet valve nipple. Fill the Earigator flush bottle with a saline solution made with DermaFlush(™). The catheter can be used, with the fluid under pressure, to snake under the skin and into loose skin or muscle tissue and wash abscesses and fistulated areas. The saline acts as an osmotic agent helping to reduce edema and the pressure provided by the Earigator can help remove debris, such as purulent discharge that may be present in an infected wound.

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